Thursday, 17 January 2008

One More Month

I received a letter today from the Japan Information and Cultural Centre. I have been accepted to participate in the interview stage of the JET Programme. My interview is scheduled for Monday, 18 Feb, so it's still a month away. All I need to provide is the interview form that they sent me, complete with a small photo stuck to the corner. Nothing to get worked up over, but I did feel excited when I received the letter ^^

So, until February.

Ja matta.


Sunday, 6 January 2008

Happy New Year

It's 2008. Just a few months to go and I will have my degree. I'm still praying that everything with regard to my JET application will go smoothly. I see no reason that I shouldn't have a chance to go to Japan this July - I have experience and the qualifications that probably exceed most applicants. I'm so excited! Well, not that much, but there really isn't long to go until I have my degree and will be jumping on a plane to Nippon ><

As I said in my last post here, don't expect anything of note until I hear from the JET people. I don't want to clog this blog up with mundane entries that do nothing for the promotion of my Japan Journey ^^

So yeah, happy new year to anyone that reads this. I feel that 2008 is a year of change and of difference. For me, I guess that means eventually a change of cultural environment and a completely different way of living. Different lifestyle, different language, new friends ;)

As a sidenote, my almost three-year addiction of World of Warcraft has come to an end. This will allow me to be more devoted to my studies once university cranks up again. I look forward to going back to study and to seeing how my JET application proceeds. All the best for 2008!