Tuesday, 19 February 2008

JET Interview

My interview day finally came. Yesterday, I went into Wellington, to the Japan Information and Cultural Centre. I was a little early, so had to sit down and wait. There was a video playing that was mostly about foreigners - including ALTs - in Japan.

The interview itself was quite formal. I had to sit at a small desk that was about five metres in front of a table, where three people were sitting: a woman, a man, and a Japanese man. I can't remember their names; but it's not really all that important in the scheme of things. I was presented with various questions after being asked to introduce myself and give a brief background of my life.

I think that the whole process went well - although, of course, I could have answered most of the questions better; especially had I not been under such pressure. The decision now lies with someone in Tokyo. I won't know until the beginning of April if I have been accepted to go over and assistant teach with the next intake of ALTs. If I am accepted, then I'm pretty much guaranteed to head over to Japan after I graduate.

I hope and pray for a favourable outcome!