Tuesday, 19 February 2008

JET Interview

My interview day finally came. Yesterday, I went into Wellington, to the Japan Information and Cultural Centre. I was a little early, so had to sit down and wait. There was a video playing that was mostly about foreigners - including ALTs - in Japan.

The interview itself was quite formal. I had to sit at a small desk that was about five metres in front of a table, where three people were sitting: a woman, a man, and a Japanese man. I can't remember their names; but it's not really all that important in the scheme of things. I was presented with various questions after being asked to introduce myself and give a brief background of my life.

I think that the whole process went well - although, of course, I could have answered most of the questions better; especially had I not been under such pressure. The decision now lies with someone in Tokyo. I won't know until the beginning of April if I have been accepted to go over and assistant teach with the next intake of ALTs. If I am accepted, then I'm pretty much guaranteed to head over to Japan after I graduate.

I hope and pray for a favourable outcome!



rib said...

good luck my friend !


Timotheos said...

Thanks Juan. I look forward to going overseas again ^^

K_tigress said...

Hay Gecko what’s up? Long time no hear?
For a while there I thought you fell though the earth?
So your taking the same path that one of my neighbours took. He ironically went to Australia to teach science but then I guess it sort of became home sick and came back.
It will be interesting to see how your Japan thing turns out.

Timotheos said...

Hey Tina, long time no see. Yeah, I may have appeared to be off the radar, but I have been around. My msn details haven't changed. I just don't really frequent forums these days ;)