Sunday, 6 April 2008

April has arrived

Well, we're now diving headfirst into the second week of April. Daylight savings has finished, so the days are going to get pretty short over the next couple of months.

Seasons aside, the main point of this post is just as a quick update. I have been taking a Japanese paper this trimester: JAPA 111 - Introduction to the Japanese Language. I think it's going ok, but my real focus is on the two papers that matter; the papers that I need to pass in order to finish my degree. Here's hoping for a B average, if not a B+ for both of them ;)

I have yet to hear from JET. They said that they would contact me at the beginning of April, so I guess it could be any day now. If God were to shut that door, it couldn't be anything but God. I have a decent amount of not only English teaching experience, but overseas experience and a lot of experience with students overall. Not to mention my passion for all things Japanese, which I hope I conveyed to those who were interviewing me back in February.

So now, it's just sit tight, wait for a favourable response, and try to stay on top of my study. I may even put more effort into ensuring that I pass this Japanese paper. Who knows :p


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