Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Late Update

The documentation I was hoping for arrived last weekend. I have to get a medical certificate filled out, among other things. I was unable to book a doctor's appointment any earlier than Monday, 21st (tomorrow); and everything is due in on the 24th. Well, it might be cutting it close, but worrying over time constraints causes unnecessary stress. I truly believe that God wants me to bring a light to Japan - and to Japan I will go!

What I need to do is continue keeping on top of my studies, and ensure that I get everything back to the JET people that needs to get back to them, filled out properly, in preparation for getting my visa and all that sort of stuff.

There is a Q&A session on Friday, 16th May, that I am going to attend. That same weekend there are some optional things to go and take part in, which I intend to go to as well.

Every week that goes by brings me closer to departing for my nippon tabi ^^

27th July, here we come!


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