Monday, 21 April 2008

Until May

I went to see the doctor this morning, as scheduled, to have a basic checkup (incidentally, I've lost weight :o I weigh 70kg now ><), so that my Health Certificate could be filled out and signed / stamped. I had to go and get a chest x-ray early this afternoon at radiology, too. Getting all of this done in the same day, and getting all of the necessary documentation off in time is yet another God-thing on this journey towards my adventure in Japan. As much as I know not to worry about things, I did contemplate what steps I would have to take if I didn't get this done in time.

But I did, and it's done, so now I can relax until Friday, 16th May; at least with regard to JET. I still have a 3,000 word essay to write and almost 300 words of Old English to translate, not to mention studying for my second Beowulf translation test.

It's a struggle to buckle down and do the study that I know is so important, when I want to respec my priest to shadow and improve her gear enough to raid as a shadow priest :p


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