Thursday, 1 May 2008

I added a new link:

I was thinking today about what I would do with my cell-phone when I go over in July. Well, this site answers such questions: from visas to long-distance travel to etiquette. Now all I gotta really worry about is my seeming inability to learn kanji ><

/sigh I'll get there eventually. It's all just so foreign to a reader of English to try and memorise such ideograms. Spoken language isn't any easier, mind you; but I will get the hang of it once I'm immersed, I guess. Here, studying Japanese is proving to be quite a chore - especially since I don't put the time in to try and learn everything that I should be learning. My degree comes first!

Also, it is now May, which means that in just a couple of weeks I have this Q&A session in town. That should prove to be an interesting shuumatsu (weekend) ^^


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