Thursday, 29 May 2008

First Contact

I received an email today from a CIR who works for the Board of Education in Shimanto. I found out that Shimanto cho is actually a new city that has been made up of three towns: Towa, Taisho and Kubakawa. I am purportedly more than likely going to end up in Towa village; but no matter whereabouts in Shimanto I will be placed, the area is very rural and should give me a great opportunity to meet some hardcore oldschool Japanese country folk who will no doubt be very friendly and interested in meeting the newest foreigner ><

I've sent off an email to contact the ALT who is currently placed in Towa, in the hopes that I can garner some firsthand information about what to expect and possibly get an idea of his experiences there. The guy is also a Kiwi but as yet I don't know where exactly he is from (oh, please not Auckland! :p).

The more I find out, the more real this becomes. The day is approaching fast that I leave this life behind and start anew in Japan. I will post again once I have made contact with the last ALT and if anything interesting comes up. I've got to get through an essay, two exams and pawn off my junk still ^^

I am over halfway through Under the Osakan Sun, too. So far it has been a great read and I would recommend it to anyone, whether they have an interest in Japan or not. Even my 17-year old brother who doesn't even read books started reading it and got through at least the first chapter before I snatched it back (j/k about the snatching part :p).




Hamish said...

Hi Tim

This is Hamish Beaton, author of "Under the Osakan Sun". A friend of mine here in London was googling my book, came across your site and told me about your blog. Cool. I was quite stoked to read your comments and am really pleased you're enjoying the book thus far.

I'm always keen to hear what people think. (And Raewyn, really pleased you enjoyed the book too.)

Hope all the prep for your departure to Shimanto is coming along nicely. Good luck with that,
very jealous. You'll have a great time, Japan is an amazing place.
Sounds like you're going to try to make the most of every experience.
Good stuff.

All the best


Timotheos said...


Thanks for taking the time to have a look ><

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the book; finished it last night, actually. We (the Wellington JETs for 2008) are all excited about going over this year to begin our Japan journeys, and have been emailing each other with this and that.

I just hope that in the madness of arriving and getting settled in I will have enough opportunity - and motivation - to keep an account of everything. I have kept a daily diary for over ten years so I don't see that that will be a problem at all ^^

Anyways, keep an eye on this blog, as it will be updated quite frequently after I have settled into Shimanto. Japan life, here I come!