Friday, 30 May 2008

A Surprising Response

Hamish Beaton, author of that book I mentioned, Under the Osakan Sun (which incidentally I have now finished reading completely), left a comment on my last post. It's great to know that my Blog is being so widely stumbled upon - at least, I hope that more than two people have discovered it and taken interest. I know that I can't foresee the future, but I really do hope that this Blog will be an inspiration to other Kiwis - and other English speakers worldwide - to go over and teach in Japan.

I can't know anything that will happen over there, but I will no doubt reflect on such posts as this in a year's time and reminisce over the mixed feelings of anticipation and excitement that go with waiting to go over and start a new leg of your life journey.

On another note, read this BBC news article. It's enough to make Schapelle Corby cry :p

That's it from me, for now. I really must get this Beowulf essay done '^^


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