Saturday, 31 May 2008

A Forest of Bloodseeking Ironwood

The FAQ is up!

Ignore the ramifications of the title of this entry. FYI, bloodseeking ironwood is very Beowulfy, and is another way of saying "spears that desire to draw the blood of the enemies of those whose hands they are being wielded by." Personified weapons are, by convention, very Norse; but the extent of descriptiveness of the weapons and armour in the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf tend to outdo anything in post-modern literature. Long live the Danes!

Timotheos maþelode sunu Joel:
"Hwaet! Take up ye burnished, gold-adorned, mail-coat, crafted by the conjoining of individual rings by a master blacksmith, that gaily gleams like the dawning of the morning sun when its resplendent fingers of irridescent light shine across the best of houses and the iron-banded mead-hall, filled with the strong, wine-smelling wooden benches whose strength of craft permit them to seat the burliest of old and young warriors both, the likes of which are common both near and far, as the distant seas separate this fair land from the boundaries of the next."



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