Saturday, 31 May 2008

Worshipping in Japan

After asking about churches in Japan, I was forwarded a little information; including this link, which I have added to the sidebar :)

It's good to know that there is already a network in place for Christians on the JET programme. I guess it stands to reason, and it is probably something that I should have looked up before now. But sometimes you just don't think about stuff like this.

I knew there was nothing to worry about in terms of finding a Sunday fellowship. Apparently there is an AoG* about 40 mins from where I will most likely be posted. Also, in the cities that are not quite so nearby, there are likely to be spirit-filled churches that may be nice to visit on occasion. After all, one can't be expected to travel for hours just to worship amidst fellow believers - wait, isn't that what they do in Africa, India and all those third world places? Then again, I don't think that my mission in Japan is to spend Sundays traipsing around the countryside spying out several sanctuaries to satiate my spirit :p

I intend to put up an FAQ-type blog post and link to it in its own box on the sidebar. That way, as this blog receives more attention, people will immediately be able to see what steps I took to get where I am; without backtracking and trying to locate all the informative posts at the start of the journey ^^

That's it for this cold Saturday mid-day. I'll get to work on putting together that FAQ after I get my Beowulf essay done :o


*Assemblies of God church

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