Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Torneo in Takamatsu

On Saturday, Mika took me to see an opthalmologist so I could get my eyes checked. It turns out that there isn't anything they can do about the twitching muscle in my left eye (annoying) and the black specks that I see are pretty normal (also annoying). So unless things get worse, there isn't anything that can be done.

That afternoon, we took Eddi to a party at the church in K-town. There were about twenty kids there. We left her to go and do some shopping. I organised for the furniture store to pick up my couch again, which only arrived on Thursday. I am getting a different one: a black, leather 3-seater that is merely a couch, not a fold-out bed as well.

On Sunday, it was church as usual. We had a picnic lunch at the park, with Laurel and a friend of Mika's, whom she had worked with at a school a couple of years ago. Just had a relaxing evening.

This week it has been very nice. Following a good weekend, it is enough to make anyone happy. I taught at Tokawa shougakkou on Monday afternoon, and at a new school, Nanasato shou, this morning.

Yesterday, because I didn't have afternoon classes at Tokawa chuu, I took two hours of nenkyu and went home for the afternoon. I ended up sleeping for a few hours. Talked to my sister and her husband on Skype in the evening. Mika joined me for a little while, but I had my regular Bible study meeting at 8pm, so she had to leave. :(

I won't be getting my new couch until the end of the month, and I obviously haven't bought a car yet. But there is one car that I am very interested in, which I hope to go and check out this weekend. We have plans to go camping on Saturday, but if things work out, on Sunday I may be able to travel to Takamatsu -- three or four hours away -- to check this car out; provided it is still there and no one else has staked a claim on it!

So now I have the rest of this beautiful afternoon to sit in the office here and find interesting things to do. Facebook quizzes and Wikipedia browsing, here we come. :p

Almost every day, I frequent the following sites:
Bible Gateway

On Monday, I checked out these webpages / sites, among others:
Maze Maker
Wolfram|Alpha -- Computational Knowledge Engine
British Comedy Guide



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