Saturday, 13 June 2009

SiR-T and Last Week

Time goes so fast. We're already almost halfway through the year. It's hard to keep up with everything. But I am finally writing this overdue blog entry.

Last weekend, we went into Kochi city, together with Michael. We went to see Terminator Salvation at the movies after eating lunch at Aeon mall. Afterwards, Mika got her hair cut and Michael and I walked around for a bit. We met up with Katsu and family, who had had Eddi for the day, and we all ate together at a restaurant.

Sunday was pretty normal. We had a picnic lunch at the park after church and came back to make some pizza for dinner.

The week went by pretty quickly with school, sending in my car documentation, preparing resources in the office and making and sharing a huge carrot cake, complete with cream cheese lemon frosting, which we baked early in the week. :o

I went to Kochi city on Wednesday afternoon by train. I picked up my car and drove it home through the heavy rain. I'm really happy to finally have my car. I am unable to get it insured until Tuesday next week, so until then I am not going to drive it. I did, however, take Mika and Eddi out for a drive when I got home that day.

There she is

Gonna chrome cap the mufflers eventually

Side-angle + wheels

From the front

Now it is Saturday. Mika and Eddi went to Osaka with their family to see the newest member: Mika's younger brother's baby boy, who must be over a month old by now. Michael and I are planning on taking our guns out today to do a bit of target practice in Nakamura. We will probably watch a movie tonight.

Next week is next week.




Nick said...

omg your car has blank number plates isn't that illegal!

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