Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hotaru Matsuri

Yesterday, we attended the Hotaru Matsuri -- the Firefly Festival -- in Shimotsui, deep in the hills northwest of here. It was during the day, so we didn't do any firefly watching. That is something we will do one night this month, perhaps.

The festival had a few things going on. There were performances -- we arrived too late to see the taiko drummming, but could hear it as we approached; there was a raft race; the kids had a treasure hunt and caught eels; and there was mochi (rice cake) throwing.

The Hotaru Matsuri was a nice way to spend our afternoon.

Photo collection here.


Ready, Set, Paddle!

Raft race

Taisho JHS girls' band

Girls' Band Performance

Mochi throwing

Mochi throwing

A bridge over calm waters

This bridge was actually by the road on our way to the festival. We thought it was cool so we stopped on our way home to take a few photos. The same goes for this water wheel.

And this tunnel video:




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