Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Awajishima no Onokoro

Yesterday was a public holiday. We drove to Awaji Island, a large island between Shikoku and Honshu. It proved to be good practice for when we go to New Zealand at Christmas time, as if we do decide to drive, we will take the exact same route to get to Kobe, on the mainland (and take a ferry from there to Kansai airport).

Onokoro World Park is a small, rundown theme park - much like any in Japan. Travelling there was a mission in itself. We left very early - 7am, by the time we actually got away. We took our lunch with us and ate upon arrival. It was nice spending the afternoon walking around, looking at the miniature world wonder replicas, the world museum and going on some of the rides. Eddi really enjoyed herself - it was a great family outing.

The trip home was just as arduous as the trip there. But at least we got a sample of how it could well be come December and our travel to and from the airport.

Below is a slideshow of pictures that we took - there are about 50 pictures, so it may be a bit sporadic as they load. I'll get some video up at a later date.




stancarey said...

Lovely set of photos! I liked the bridge of water jets. It's difficult (but fun to try) to gauge the scale in some of them, since there's a mixture of models and, well, huge things.

Timotheos said...

Yes, the mist created was actually very fine. I was afraid that taking the camera through it might be hazardous but the moisture was barely palatable. They would turn on for about 60 seconds and then off for about the same, so it wasn't a constant blast of spray.

Haha, I think that the fact that the miniature buildings are hard to scale without reference by the presence of a person or suitable reference point makes the photos that much neater. Trust me, though: the ferris wheel is as big as it looks. :)