Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Yarrr, Hoist the Sails and Swab the Deck

On Saturday, we took the car in to K-city to get a checkup. We spent the whole afternoon at the car dealer's pretty much, where we took it to get done. We did go for a short walk and bought the Lion King soundtrack for 250 yen from a second-hand store.

On Sunday, after church, we went to Susaki - about 30 mins east of K-town. There was a sailing ship in port: the Kaio Maru (海王丸). A lot of stalls and vendors were set up at the port where it was docked. After ascending the gangplank and walking around the deck, we disembarked and grabbed ourselves some food for a late, unhealthy lunch.

The ship is mostly steel - although the deck is wooden - and it has four steel masts with some insane rigging. Apparently the ship is used for training young sailors. This particular 3,000 tonne sailing ship is 19 years old but it is in excellent condition. It was interesting going aboard and seeing everything so close. It wasn't my first time aboard a sailing ship, but it was my first time aboard such a snazzy one.

It was a nice family day out. Below is a slideshow of photos that we took:

We are going to make a nice apple pie soon. I made the dough tonight. I may put a picture of the finished product up if it turns out well.



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