Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Hontou desu ne - Document Authentication

Today, I had a Justice of the Peace sign some copies of identification and qualifications that I need to send in with my JET application. I first made copies of the documents:

My passport and birth certificate:

Passport and Birth CertificateI put the two on one page for efficiency. My passport number has been blanked out for security reasons. This is the Internet after all...

My Diploma of Christian Ministry, which I earned from a year at Faith Bible College - 2002:

Diploma of Christian MinistryBible College was one of the best years of my adult life. I just hope that everyone who went through with me is still going strong for the Lord. I'm including this because it is just further proof of my past studies.

Finally, my CELTA:

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
This proves I am an official teacher of English to foreign students. Level 4 is post-secondary school but pre-university level. It is a key qualification as a part of my application process and should give me a greater chance of being selected to go to Japan to teach. It proves that I already have a certain amount of experience teaching English to foreign students.

Once I had these documents copied, I went to the Whitepages and typed in JP, Alicetown, Wellington. I found a Justice of the Peace who lives just around the corner from me, so I put the documentation into my bag and walked around to have the copies stamped, signed and dated. Bit windy outside today :/

The last thing before I post off my application to the Japan Information and Cultural Centre is to propose two references who can vouch for me as a suitable candidate for the JET programme. I have chosen the senior pastor of Hope Centre, my church - Ps. Seth Fawcet - whom I have incredible respect for, and one of my tutors from this last trimester, Charles Ferrall, who took me for English 243, Contemporary Fiction. I am waiting to hear back from my tutor before inputting his details, but once that is finalised, this application is away and I can sit back and wait for them to contact me regarding the next step of the application process.

Now I just have to get through the two more exams before my study year is officially over and apply for next year's papers (and student loan and allowance) to finish my degree by June.

It's all happening.


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