Monday, 15 December 2008

Closer to Christmas

I continue to study Japanese.

My mage reached level 80: Wowbrief.

Last Wednesday, we practised a Christmas story play and some songs in English, Japanese and Korean.

On Friday, we went to Piya old folks' home in Okitsu, just past Kubokawa. We performed the play we had practised and sang Christmas songs. I dressed up as Santa and we all gave out small packages of snacks.

I am behind a little on my anime watching: Naruto and Bleach. I can catch up some time before the weekend.

On Saturday, we attended a children's Christmas festival here in Taisho. We sang Christmas songs with them and performed the Nativity play again.

Michael and I -- well, me, really -- edited his Hanatori festival footage and uploaded it to Youtube. We had dinner at Yamagoya.

Lazy day yesterday. And no school today. ;)


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