Thursday, 4 December 2008

Winter Cometh

So it's December.

It's getting colder.

School... is normal.

We -- Candice, Laurel, Nare, Michael, Laurel's Pastor, and I -- are going to an Old Folks' home next week. We will be singing Christmas songs and will relay the Christmas story to them in a short drama. I have one line, as the innkeeper, which shouldn't be too hard to memorise. It's mostly "gomen-nasai" (I'm sorry) and stuff like that.

So Christmas is getting closer. There are a few events like this visiting the old peeps, such as enkai (work parties) and kids' events. I'll be sure to mention things more specifically as they happen throughout this month.

My Japanese study continues. I do each module each weekday, so have been keeping up. It does go over my head at times and I forget a lot of what I practise, but maybe one day things will make sense. I'm sure there will be times that certain things will come back to me unexpectedly.


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