Saturday, 22 November 2008

At Last, A Heater

Thursday was pretty normal, save for the fact that I was asked to stay longer after school finished, so didn't get back to the office until late. Late = dark. Dark = cold. Cold = ... cold. >.>

So yeah, it has been cold these last few evenings and mornings. I suspect that Winter is worse.

Friday's classes at Kitanokawa shougakkou were really good. The kids enjoyed them and I enjoyed them -- and, I suspect, the respective teachers enjoyed them too. ;)

Today, Michael and I went into Kochi city. I bought some new clothes -- a jacket and a long-sleeved top for Winter. I also got a couple of new pairs of thick socks.

After shopping at the mall, we drove over to Yamada Denki and I bought a little heater. I've got it on now, heating up my lounge. I guess it's only a matter of time before I see whether it is effective or not.

We stopped at the supermarket on the way home and I bought another bath towel, hand towel and a bath mat. Having three sets of such items will be handy in the long run.

So now I am at home, waiting for my wee heater to heat this place up. Tomorrow is the Shouwa junior high cultural festival -- like a gala, of sorts, replete with speeches in the afternoon, in good Japanese style.

Go little heater, pour your welcome heat into this icy tomb and thaw these numb extremities. :o


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