Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Musical Scores

Yesterday saw me teaching only two of the three regular classes at Tokawa Chuugakkou. This gave me the afternoon free to come back to the office and do what I do whilst sitting at my computer here.

Last night, my high-backed pneumatic swivel chair arrived. It is very comfortable and will make spending time at my laptop and watching my beautiful LCD TV that much better, not to mention encouraging correct posture both in terms of my back and my hands upon the keys.

As World of Warcraft is still such a big part of my personal life (up until the day that I find a woman -- or she finds me -- or happenstance dictates that we both find each other at the same time, heralding trumpet calls, shooting stars and planetary realignments that alter the cosmos as we know it), I must take this time to post a link to my latest Wowbrief blog entry.

The latest instalment for this MMO that boasts 11 million subscribers worldwide will be active in less than two days. WoW-players, hold onto your hats because the Blizzard is getting stronger!


Today, I am once again without Shougakkou classes. What this means is that my entire day is spent here in the office. Most of that time has been spent online, reading forums and leaving my comments and opinions on various themes scattered across a small part of the Internet. Some of my time will be spent studying Japanese and preparing for Friday's lessons.

This morning, Michael and I attended about 40 mins of a musical festival at Tanono Shougakkou. Schools -- both junior high and elementary -- have many students participating in this bonanza. Both choirs and orchestral proceedings flowed forth from the mouths and instruments of these well-practised kids. Nice desu.

Onward, towards lunch time; and a peaceful Wednesday afternoon spent sitting at my desk in the Taisho kominkan. :)


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