Monday, 10 November 2008

Chobitto Film Festival 2008

On Saturday, Michael and I went into Kochi city. We stopped in at Yamada Denki, where I picked up a 3m audio cable.

We headed out to Akaoka in the afternoon and arrived at the venue for the Chobitto Film Festival quite early. Not to worry, as a whole lot of JETs arrived by train, also early (a few had volunteered to help for the evening).

Eventually, we were able to go inside and choose a place to sit. It was held in a small -- very cool, Japanese-style -- theatre. There must have been around 200 people who attended.

We saw 15 films, 14 of which were eligible to be voted for. There were three intermissions, the last during which we were given the opportunity to vote for our favourite movies, allocating any number of points from a maximum of five to up to five movies.

I voted for four movies, assigning two points to the movie that ended up winning overall. It was called Rollin' and was both amusing and thematic, in that it showcased parts of Kochi. It didn't exactly capture the cultural essence of Kochi, but it sure did a good job of combining humour with sights.

All in all, it was a good evening. At the end, the top three filmmakers were awarded golden statuettes as prizes, and everyone that submitted a film was allowed to stand up on the stage and receive both a small gift and, of course, our applause.

The Filmmakers plus Banana Man (left)

It's a shame that we couldn't submit a movie this year, but seeing what people contributed gave us a better idea of what is appropriate and what appeals to such a broad audience.

Yesterday, I hooked up my speakers to my sub. Now I have an awesome setup, with a gorgeous screen and great sound. If I get a couch and two more speakers to place at the back of the room... :o

Booya. ;)

In the office today. Got a bit of a sniffle so maybe it's a good thing that I haven't been assigned to a school today. I have Tokawa shougakkou on Wednesday. I will plan the lesson this afternoon when I get back from lunch. :)


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