Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Winter is Coming, Friends

The dentist left a hole in the back of my poorly constructed crown, after drilling out the temporary filler they had put in last week. I was also prescribed some antibiotics for a two day period. I think the infection has all but cleared up now. At least whatever was causing the pain has gone.

Next visit, they will finish digging to the limit of my incisor's root, then it's just a matter of removing this old crown and replacing it with a new resin crown. In future I hope to get ceramic or porcelain crowns that sit over a permanent screw, but for now these resin fillers will do.

Straightened teeth would be nice too, and I hope that after I get my wisdom teeth (finally) removed, this will also become a reality -- eventually.

The meeting on Monday went well. Appropriately, it was at 2.30. XD It was very casual and I was able to just talk about my teaching experience and living experience so far. No problems. But I would like to get a car pretty soon. Can't rely on Michael all the time. ;)

My folks have been talking to me on Skype every two or three days. They are in the middle of making a huge decision regarding my dad's current high school teaching position. So recently I've been praying about more than just my own health and wellbeing here in Japan. :p

Last night we had our fortnightly prayer and Bible study meeting on Skype. Good for spiritual nourishment and personal encouragement, especially since I am currently not plugged into a church here -- a fact that I hope will change in the near future.

We -- Laurel, Candice and I -- had kindergarten this morning. Always a good time there. The kids have fun singing and dancing and getting involved with whatever activities are provided for them. Candice talked about Thanksgiving and the kids made hand-turkeys (trace your hand and draw and colour in a turkey). We also sang Silent Night and Jingle Bells (jingeru beru :p), as a warm-up for Christmas and practice for the Christmas party that we have happening next month.

It's very cold today. Yesterday was pretty cold but today it was also raining. It is good to be inside. When I went home for lunch, I was breathing frost into the cool air in my apartment. I'm wearing two pairs of socks and have had to wear a fourth layer -- my jacket -- outside. Am I looking forward to Winter? Not for the temperature, that's for sure. Time to get a heater. ><>.>

On the WoW front, well... read my Wowbrief blog if you're interested. I know I am. :p

S'all y'all. :o


ps. Been sneezing and sniffing all day. Quite unpleasant, but Kiwis don't give in to little sniffles. Man up and power through it, imo. ;)

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