Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A New Month

At least one person filmed Friday's speeches, so at some point I will have the opportunity to see the students from both Shouwa and Tokawa who were involved.

My weekend isn't really worth mentioning, as nothing of note happened.

Yesterday, I went to Tokawa chu as usual. I only had two classes so was able to come back out to the office for the rest of the afternoon.

Today, Michael and I were both at the same school: a small place in Shiwa, which is about half an hour from K-town. We were both driven out and brought back.

The classes themselves were very small -- one had three students and the other, four. Our third lesson, after lunch, was just comprised of games in the gym with the seven kids.

Nothing else to report for the rest of this week. My new TV will arrive on Friday. I also bought an adjustable swivel chair today to use at my desk. It will be delivered on the 11th.


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