Friday, 31 October 2008

English Speeches

I spent time after school yesterday listening to the students of Shouwa Chuu go through their English speeches. I gave final pieces of advice as each group went through their speeches twice.

The competition is today, but unfortunately I have school so will not be able to attend. Disappointing, but I guess it was bad planning on the Education system's part.

I intend to take it easy this weekend. My 26" LCD doesn't arrive until next Friday so whether I go into either city or not this weekend will not change my desire to spend next weekend at home, making the most of my new setup. ;)

This morning, I need to plan for the classes I will be taking this afternoon. It's a good thing there are resources out there that I can draw upon. I haven't been given any guidelines for what I should be doing. Maybe encourage the kids to be creative rather than falling back on some game that they will only get sick of quickly?



Joel said...

Im getting more competent on the computer .

Joel said...

That was mum using dads name.Glad you are enjoying Japan.

Timotheos said...

Ah yeah, if you are logged into Gmail, because Blogger is connected to Google, it uses your Gmail username.

I will make another update soon.