Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Kindergarten Picnic Lunch

Laurel, Candice and I joined my town's kindergarten for a treasure hunt / picnic this morning. The kids were divided into three groups and each group took a different route, gathering map pieces along the way. We ended up at a historical building, where they were told a story. After that, we walked to a nearby temple, where the priest did a dance to some taiko drumming. The kids were then able to have turns joining in. I tried my hand at the drumming. ;)

We had an early lunch, then walked to the shougakkou (elementary school). There was a treasure chest sitting in the middle of the playground. After opening it to find snacks inside, I carried it all the way back to the kindergarten amidst the procession of kids. The snacks were then distributed. Exciting stuff when you are four or five.

All in all, it was a nice way to spend the morning. Japanese kids are so cute. :o

Spent the rest of the day researching LCD TVs and reading forums.


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