Friday, 3 October 2008

A Week in Review

On Monday, I had no school, so I got some errands done. I also made a ninja mask from some cloth I got in K-town. We will film our short movie this Saturday.

Tuesday was wet. I spent the day at Tokawa chuugakkou (junior high).

I have been watching the new seasons of Stargate Atlantis and Smallville, as well as playing a lot of WoW and watching anime (staying up to date with Naruto and Bleach, and watching slightly older, finished anime such as Full Metal Alchemist). The new season starts next week, so I will begin watching three or four more series while they are still airing on tv.

On Wednesday, Candice and I were both posted at Iejigawa shougakkou (elementary). We did introductions and played a few games with the kids. I had lunch in K-town and came back out to the office in Taisho for the rest of the working day.

Yesterday was a regular day at Shouwa chuugakkou. I must say, I like teaching there more than I do at Tokawa. Phil told me that he felt the same way. I think it is a combination of environment, students and staff. Nothing wrong with Tokawa -- most of the students are good in class and the teachers are friendly -- but it just feels brighter at Shouwa and I feel that I have a lot more involvement in the classroom.

Today, I was at Kubokawa shougakkou. It is quite a large school. I took two classes of yonnensei (fourth graders), both of which had about 25 kids. After my introduction in the first class, I played Bullrush and Stuck in the Mud with the kids outside. With the second class, we played Midnight outside. The games worked really well once they understood them, and I know that they all had a lot of fun.

Now it's the weekend. We plan on filming all of the scenes for our movie tomorrow, and I will probably spend Sunday learning how to edit both film and music. We will also need to record the dialogue separately from the film and edit that in, as well. If it doesn't work out, we will flag entering it into the contest and just complete it for the sake of doing a comedic short film. It's all good practice. :)


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