Sunday, 19 October 2008

As Promised

I had Tuesday off, but didn't do anything very productive. The rest of the week was just teaching, as usual. Friday was nice. I went back to Wakaigawa shogakkou (elementary school), which has very small classes. It was a little more successful than my first time there; especially with the youngest kids, whom I had make name tags. I believe it went well.

This weekend, Michael and I went to both cities. On Saturday, we travelled up to Kochi. I bought a 4Gb Toshiba Gigabeat MP3/Video player. We watched a movie at the Aeon (pronounced "eon") mall cinema, Eagle Eye. We both thought it was a good movie. I guess I just like action movies.

We had dinner in Kochi and travelled back to Taisho quite a bit later than we have before when we have gone to Kochi city.

Today, we went over to Nakamura. We looked around at a few places and had lunch at a cafe.

We stopped in K-town (Kubokawa) on our way home. I bought a desk, which I had delivered to my place. It arrived about half an hour ago. I need to get a better chair, but this dining chair will suffice until I find a suitable replacement.

As promised, following are some photos from the Tokyo Game Show. Because taking pictures and video of any of the stalls was forbidden, the images that I captured capture more of the spirit of the show than any of the games. So to speak. ;)

I will edit the small amount of video that I took and upload it to YouTube at some point.

Final Fantasy Dissidia for PSP

How colourful

Christmas came early?


Orange is in this year

What poster?

Sega girl+cat

What can I say...


Rawr, look at my book


Argh, the light!

I told you orange was in

Girls play too

We come in threes

In threes we come

Anyone wanna buy a phone?

Arigato Gozaimasu

Cute ^^



Jimmy N. said...

Greetings, fellow traveler, the vortex known as Google lead me here. The web is much more vast than space.

First, it's absolutely brilliant that you went to TGS. I'm envious. I skipped out in 2006, but at least I was served an omelette with my name written in ketchup by a maid in A-town. Yes, she even did the heart sign with her fingers.

Second, keep writing. Japan is an incredible experience. There are always some bouts of homesickness here and there, but in the end, it's something that transcends any resume.

Anyway, back to that vortex to be whisked away again. Good luck.


Timotheos said...

Thanks for posting a comment. I will indeed continue to write.

I look forward to whatever else Japan will offer me over the next couple of years, and intend to make the most of every experience.