Monday, 17 November 2008

Toothache, Lich King, Meeting

On Thursday afternoon, Towa (Shouwa and Tokawa) had their inter-schools music festival. I attended it and stayed for most of the time, seeing the elementary and junior high levels both present songs in choir and conduct instrumental performances.

Earlier that day I had practised kanji. Along with the Japanese lessons I am working through is the opportunity to learn kanji. I think that if I practise enough, I will be able to remember a few.

I was at 窪川小学校 (K-town shougakkou) on Friday. I took two large classes of fifth year kids. Half of each class was spent in the classroom going over numbers and months, and then the other half was outside, where I played games with them (involving numbers).

My weekend was spent in agony, as I had a toothache. I am going to go see the dentist this morning. Hopefully he will put me on antibiotics, as I think I contracted an infection of some sort in my gum -- possibly from my previous visit, which was last Wednesday, after work.

I also spent most of my weekend playing World of Warcraft -- Wrath of the Lich King was released a few days ago. I have been taking it pretty easy, slowly levelling my mage in the new continent and just taking in everything that has been added. I played my warrior a lot, too, getting her to level 60 and venturing into Outland, the last expansion's added area. More at my blog.

Aside from the dentist, I don't have much to do this morning, save for my last Japanese study instalment. I will do this first book's test at some point this week, too, and send that in for assessment.

This afternoon, we have individual meetings with our prefectural advisor (PA) over in K-town. Mine is at 2.30pm. It's a chance to have any questions answered and to give feedback on our time spent here so far. These meetings are annual.

That's all for now. I hope never again to have to go through the excruciating pain that I experienced these past two days. And I hope that my visit to the dentist will remedy what my last visit invoked.


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