Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Kyoto - 2009 Commences

Continued from Kyoto - Pre-departure Preparation, Kyoto - Guys in a City and Kyoto - New Year Festival.

Welcome to 2009. If you are still hanging onto the ways of 2008, think of all the starving children in Japan. Move on, leave last year where it was and stride towards the future with confidence and aspirations to succeed and see this as a year of amazing potential and difference in your life.

I really hope that I meet a nice girl this year. If I mention it enough times, maybe people will get the word out that there is a real person behind these words and that that person is both single and good looking; not to mention clever, witty and good-humoured. XD

Thursday: New Year's Day. We walked to that movie world we had located on Tuesday night, but the entrance fee was beyond our budget. We backtracked to the shopping centre and geisen that we had gone to on Tuesday, and spent some time there instead.

I had had a bad headache all day, so upon our mid-afternoon return, I went to bed for a while. We went out for dinner and then watched another movie. T'was definitely my coldest New Year's experience ever. :o

On Friday we went to Nijo Castle. I took a lot of photos, which you can see here. Walking, walking, walking.

Resting. Gaming. Music (-ing).

Walkiiiiiing. And dinner.

Movie: Saving Private Ryan.

Saturday. We went to the nearby shops for a while to allow the morning to wear itself down. Mid-afternoon, we took the train down to Kansai airport in Osaka, to see Mikey's brother Joe off on his flight back to the States.

Don't bump your head on the way out :p

We came back to the hostel, watched Dawn of the Dead, and prepared for our own departure in the morning.

Sunday saw us up nice and early. We took the Shinkansen to Okayama and then a train back to K-town. The holiday was over, but the legend would live on.

Two current Japanese fads that I noticed while in Kyoto were chitensha and Polar Puffs. What? You ask. It's quite simple really. They have this thing about small bikes -- even tiny, in some cases. Yes, full-grown people, young and old alike, roll around on undersized bicycles. I have nicknamed them chitensha, as the Japanese word for bicycle is jitensha and the word for small is chiisai.

Fancy a dub?

Polar puffs are the name I gave to the jackets that 50% of people were wearing. Because if you're not wearing a shiny, puffy, fur-hooded jacket, you're not hip, yo! Even better if it's purple. Not sure what the deal is with purple polar puffs but they predominated. The whole range was displayed throughout the city, however: white, black, pink, blue, green. One thing was certain: they sure love their puffy jackets!

Puff, puff, pass


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