Monday, 5 January 2009

Kyoto - Pre-departure Preparation

Between returning from Tokyo and heading to Kyoto, we had Christmas. My Merry Christmas entry should be sufficient to cover that period, but to summarise my three days back home, I write:

On Christmas Day, I had to go to school in the morning. That's right, classes on one of the few days of the year that we take for granted as being work free and peaceful. However, content-wise, it differed from our normal lessons.

I had two classes at junior high: ichinensei and ninensei (1st and 2nd years). We made Christmas Tree cards and giant snowflakes.

That afternoon, I talked to my family for over an hour. It was good to make contact at that time, and to see everyone, as Christmas has always been a family affair for us.

Michael, his brother Joe and I went to Yamagoya for dinner that evening and watched The Dark Knight (blu-ray edition) on my beautiful TV. Mint.

Friday was spent in Nakamura city. After a substantial pizza lunch, we played at a geisen (videogames arcade). We also had a game of bowling. I was in good company, as we all pretty much sucked. But it was fun!

Back home that Friday evening, I watched another movie: The Protector. Action, RAWR! Early Saturday morning would see us leave on our eight day holiday in Kyoto city.

Next up: Kyoto - Guys in a City.


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