Monday, 12 January 2009


It has snowed on and off these past few days. Light flakes mostly, but it is still snow.

Yesterday, I went to the Roman Catholic church in Nakamura with Michael. Afterwards, we decided to explore a little of Nakamura city that we hadn't seen before. We eventually made our way up to a castle situated on a hill, which turned out to be a historical museum in the style of a small Japanese castle.

The name of the museum is Kyoudoshiryoukan (郷土資料館). There were a lot of artifacts, from 3,500 year old pottery to arrowheads, katana and jewellery. And the view of Nakamura city from the top was very cool. Too bad it was unplanned, as neither of us had our cameras present.

Today is a public holiday. I'm simply keeping warm inside. It's good to not have to go to the office. ;)

Tomorrow will be my only day teaching, as we have our JET mid-year conference this week, Wed-Fri. The office pays for both our travel and two nights staying in a hotel in Kochi-shi (Kochi city).


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