Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Osaka Holiday - April 2009

I've been putting off this blog entry for a few days. Last Monday, Michael and I drove up to Osaka to stay for three days. We stayed in Kobe for one night, also, and then drove back down here on Friday.

Since then, I have not been motivated enough to write an entry. So don't expect anything inspiring or entertaining.

On the night that we arrived, we checked into our Hostel in Shin-Osaka and took the train to Osaka central (Umeda station), where we had a brief look around. We would travel a lot on either the subway or local train system over the next few days.

Tuesday morning was spent around Osaka proper. We ventured further out from the station than we had the night before but nothing really eventful took place.

After lunch, we met my friend Eri - a Kansai university student who had boarded with my brother's girlfriend's parents back in New Zealand earlier this year. It was the first time I had met her in person. The three of us went to Osaka Castle. There was a lot of history depicted inside, in various artifacts and folding screen paintings that showed battles between various noble families.

大阪城 (Osaka Castle)

A Gold Tiger Statue

Tim, Michael and Sakura (tree)

On Wednesday, we went to the Osaka Zoo. It was pretty cool. Lots of nice animal enclosures and a good selection of animals. The elephant enclosure was especially cool. You walked through a jungle-type area and then all around the two large areas that the elephants were in, being able to see them from various angles.

Elegant Giraffes

Vicious Tigers

Ferocious Wolves

And Monstrous Elephants

That afternoon, we ventured around "Denden Town". It was the Akihabara of Osaka (minus the pr0n). We looked in a lot of gaming and electronics places and spent some time in an airgun place. We both purchased air pistols, as well as all the knecessary knick knacks (BB pellets, extra clips, gas, etc.).

I got myself a Beretta M9. It's pretty sweet. Haven't had much opportunity to test it yet, but we will have plenty of opportunity to shoot each other during the Summer.

Thursday saw us travelling some more. We went to Himeji and visited the Museum of History and then the famous Himeji Castle. Amazing place and well worth visiting, the White Heron of Himeji.

The White Heron - Splendiferous

The Sakura Were Blooming - Beautiful

Another Nice Angle - Artistic

Driving to Kobe and then finding our final place of rest was a mission. Navigating anywhere in Japan is a nightmare unto itself. Then, when you finally get near your destination you have to keep stopping to ask for directions. Because in Japan, every location tries to avoid you. They really have made it hard to find anything. I guess the words "street address" don't exist in Japanese. :/

Well, we made it back to Taisho on Friday in one piece. And that was our Spring Holiday.

Have a look at all of my photos and video here. Enjoy! ^.^


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