Monday, 14 July 2008

Born To Be Wild

As the days creep closer to the 26th, I am reminded of my days of yore when riding with the wind against my face was the better part of the day. It's been a long time since I rode a motorbike. My brother wrote his off a few years ago and my old NS250R died years ago, too. When I went with my brother and his girlfriend to her parents' house for tea last night, I took the opportunity to jump onto her father's Harley Davidson.

Because it's the little things in life -- like feeling a piece of power between your appendages in a darkened garage in the middle of Hamilton -- that really matter. If only my brother's photography skills were half as good as this Harley is apt to scare little children as it roars down the road like a freight train without tracks ;)

[Click] for a different photograph. I chose to convert the one above to black and white because it looked better, being such a dark photo. This other one is not as good, but the motorbike is much clearer, since my brother eventually figured out how to take a photo with a flash ><

I'm back in Lower Hutt now. I flew down to Wellington from Hamilton late this afternoon. I will probably stay with my sister for two days and then go over to stay with my younger sister, who will appreciate my help for a few days, seeing as her baby daughter (my wee niece) is still less than a month old.

I've been updating this blog a lot recently. I guess the excitement of going away soon has motivated me to plot my life somewhat during these last two weeks in NZ. I hope that my entries once I get to Nippon will be both frequent and interesting ^^


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