Friday, 25 July 2008

A New Look

No, the site hasn't undergone a makeover -- although sometime in the future I could change stuff around (probably when I get bored one day). Yesterday, I went downtown to sort a few things out. I had a haircut (more of a trim, really), bought some hair dye and a few other bits and pieces (Whittaker's chocolate, mmm), and said goodbye to a couple of friends that still work at DSE, where I was once an employee.

This morning, my sister dyed my hair. Results were... interesting. Despite it being slightly blonder than I thought it would be, I'm pretty stoked with the results. It reminds me of Japanese people who colour and style their hair all sorts of crazy ways, as you can plainly see -- now all I need are some freaky blue contacts with sharingan symbols or something. :o

Blonde Much?
This afternoon, we had a pre-departure meeting at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre, where I've been multiple times now. It was good hearing from a few ex-JETs again, especially this close to our own departure. We were shuttled to the Ambassador of Japan's lovely house, where we partook of speeches, a wonderful buffet and some intermingling and getting to know both our fellow JETs and other people that were there -- ex-JETs among them. It was a great way to finish my time in New Zealand.

Tomorrow, I will need to get a few bits and pieces -- new toothpaste, new Lynx, a new toothbrush, maybe a jar of Marmite or two... :p

Tonight, I need to repack and reweigh my suitcase (the repacking may wait until tomorrow); I'm burning off some last minute music and copying more files to my hard-drive; and I am writing this blog entry. I can't think of anything else to be done.

It's all on!



K_tigress said...

Ooo I love it. :D Very nice.

Timotheos said...

Thanks, Tina. I intend to stand out in this little town. Everyone is friendly, despite my hair colour :p