Thursday, 10 July 2008

Feel the Force

Last week, I received a letter of graduation from the university. I forwarded it to JET over the weekend, which means that the last piece of my preparation has proceeded to completion. I also recently applied for my degree in absentia, which essentially means my physical BA in English Literature will be sent to the specified address (in my case, I chose to have it sent to my sister's house, where I lived until completing my degree), and I will not be attending the graduation ceremony.

Cold fingers and it's after midday :/ Don't you just love Winter ><

I've been playing a bit of Jedi Outcast on the Xbox, the first Jedi Knight II instalment (Jedi Academy was its sequel). I've been in a bit of a Star Wars mood lately, so was disappointed when episodes IV to VI weren't available at the dvd store :(

Mum and I are heading to Hamilton this afternoon. She has a flight down to Wellington tomorrow, and mine is on Monday. I'll be staying with my brother, which could be the last time I see him before going to Japan for at least 12 months. I foresee much pc action :p

My family -- those that live up this way -- intend to meet me at the hotel in Auckland on the 26th, the night before I fly out to Tokyo. If they make it, I will be able to say goodbye then. I hope they will make every effort to be there, and that my brother whom I will be staying with this weekend, will be scooped up on the way to also come and say goodbye to his favourite brother :o

So now this blog is up to date. I am in such anticipation of the 25th onwards (when we have a pre-departure reception / farewell). That day is creeping ever closer, and thus my Japan journey shall commence amidst... well, alongside 20-odd other JET participants, who I'm sure will be as excited as I am to be heading into the ultimate unknown with nothing but 20kg of naked necessities and the dire determination to rock our respective regions to their forceful foundations with copious crazy Kiwi cavorting, capering and (of course) consistent care for conscious cordiality, complete compunction and conditional classroom causality and containment ^.^

May the Force be with us all ;)


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