Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Bird in Hand

It's been a rather slow week.

Valentine's Day in Japan is where girls give guys chocolate. It's their own take on the whole thing. Of course, I was never one to put stock in the day at all -- and barely ever noticed it back home. Being handed chocolate cake and chocolate hearts from people that you know is pretty awesome though. I like Japanese Valentine's Day.

Reciprocally, White Day happens in May where guys give girls chocolate. We'll see if I feel like a nice person on the day and want to give anyone anything. The romantic side of the two days is lost, I think. And that's just fine with me!

On a slightly different note, check out this trailer for Scorched Earth on drugs. Seriously, that game was freaking awesome, and now there is a realtime multiplayer version that has been revamped for the 21st Century. The terrain doesn't look destroyable, but it still looks pretty damn fun!

Also, an artist and Guile fan went the extra mile in creating this amazing 3D rendition of his favourite Street Fighter character. I was blown away at the detail. Imagine this sort of modelling in-game. Oh, the future is coming, folks!

Ah, I am a geek at <3. I have to otaku my blog from time to time!

People have been getting their JLPT* test results back this week. Actually, I think that everyone who sat it last year received their results on Monday. Michael passed his level 3 test, so to celebrate we ate out last night at our favourite izakaya. There doesn't need to be an excuse to go out and eat, but when there is one it's worth taking up. Not cooking from time to time is beneficial to my mental health.

We intend to go into the city this weekend. I have a handful of things to get from K-town on the way through (or back through). It will be good to go into the city, anyway. It might be time to hit up Quantum of Solace, if it is still screening.

Just recently I have started getting dried, cracked fingers. I think it might have been overexposure to cleaning products when I scrubbed my bathroom down on Sunday. A little uncomfortable, but I have started using a cream from the pharmacy. I'll try and get my hands on some moisturiser when we head into the city, and will definitely wear gloves to clean from now on!

Wanna see something really cute? The Korean girl group, Girls' Generation, have a song called "Gee". Reallycuteasians.net posted up two versions of the music video. Did I mention how cute this was? Now try getting it out of your head!

Wish I could just download Korean and Japanese into my head. It sure would make things easier.

And remember: with great innovation comes great impact!

*Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


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