Sunday, 8 February 2009


I've been quite busy this last week, with meetings five days in a row.

On Tues night, I had my regular Prayer and Bible study group. Every fortnight we do a study, and this was one of those weeks.

On Wednesday night, I had an impromptu guild leaders' meeting for World of Warcraft. Having recently been appointed Guild Master, I am now responsible for overseeing the entire guild in game.

On Thursday night was our monthly JCF (Jet Christian Fellowship) leaders' meeting. As the librarian, I didn't have much to say, although I did convert a lot of the documentation to spreadsheet format earlier that day. I also posted off a Bible to someone upon request.

On Friday I had scheduled a full guild leaders' meeting. We talked for around two hours about where we stood and what proposals needed to be put forward regarding our progress and enjoyment in the game, as a raiding guild.

Yesterday, Michael and I met Martin in K-town. He teaches at high schools in Nakamura, so it was about a 45 minute drive for him to meet us. We all took Michael's car into Kochi city.

Martin and I attended a meeting to plan a Kochi JET website. I'll be sure to mention this again over the next few months as things begin to form. When we have something workable and it goes live, I will be sure to make it a permanent link from this blog.

Martin, another JET, Cal, and I will be working on the design and coding side of things. We hope to get a few layouts done for review and will most probably adopt a CMS (Content Management System). Images and content will be created and provided by other people who attended the meeting. Most of the regional specific content, such as events and local attractions will have to be contributed by all the JETs around our prefecture.

After the meeting, I went and got my hair cut at a place called 29, run by a guy called Mic. The little bat on the website splashscreen is also on the CD cover for a music CD that he gave me. He did a good job of my hair and it feels much better. Communication was a big issue but we worked everything out eventually!

The three of us went to Aeon mall after that to do some shopping. I bought a blender, and various foods, like Thai curries and Korean noodles.

We ate dinner at the Indian restaurant we always go to, Masala's. After the obligatory Starbucks visit and my grande-sized Caramel Macchiato, we plotted our course back home, dumping Martin back at his car in K-town on the way.

This week will be a sweet relief from the tiring strain of last week and its meetings. I have no school tomorrow, and then Wednesday is a public holiday.

Michael and I will probably sort out accommodation for when we go to Osaka during Spring break (very end of next month). Martin will be coming with us. We have a few ideas about what we will do. Of course, more on that when we actually go!

Time to update my World of Warcraft blog. ;)


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