Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Trailers, Towbars and Trucks

I've been in Japan for more than six months now. In that time there are some observations I have made. There are also some things that may have registered sub-consciously, but that I have just never really thought much about.

I've mentioned before that there are two types of cars here: white-plates and yellow-plates. Yellow-plate cars are also called k-cars. The k stands for karui, which means light. I guess it could also stand for ki-iro, meaning yellow -- the colour of their number plates.

And they are small cars. I sometimes feel like I could kick a k-car across a parking lot and watch it pinball between any white-plates that are placed strategically for such an effect to take place. Sometimes I wish I could.

One thing that I was thinking about today was that in all my time here, I have not once seen a car towing a trailer. Even out in Nakamura, which is near the seaside, I don't recall anyone even towing a boat around.

I also noticed that not a single car has a towbar! You really don't take notice of the absence of something like that unless you really think about it. So: no trailers and no towbars. I guess that's why there are so many light trucks around? Moving services must make a killing!

Because I have tomorrow off and I finished school early today (lunch-time), I decided that I will take the last two hours off. Nenkyu it is, and so I will go home soon and relax. Public holidays are great. ;)


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