Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Continuing the Kanji

On the weekend I went into Kochi city to do some shopping. I bought some more speakers, which I set up on Sunday. I now have four speakers and a sub connected to my computer. The bass comes through a lot better now too, since I had to play with some settings to make the rear speakers work!

I still need to buy some new sunglasses, which was one of the things I wanted to get on Saturday. Still, I managed to scratch most things off my to-get list.

Monday saw me sitting in the office. It's nice to have no classes, but there isn't much to do in the office save for whatever preparation I can think of and Japanese study. Oh hey, there's always Facebook.

I am now at 126 kanji. I didn't manage to get the book or flashcards from a store but I did order them from Amazon. I unintentionally found out how to switch the website to English.

There are still plenty of kanji for me to imagine stories for before reaching the end of this first part of Heisig's book in PDF format. One thing I didn't find out is if the numbering on the flashcards I ordered matches the order of the kanji I am learning.

I figure that the more I learn, too, the easier it will be to equate images and sounds (yes, imagined stories can have sounds too) to the kanji. So far I am able to conjure up most of the meanings by accessing what I have imagined. Only time and review will tell how much I actually retain.

I can't think of anything interesting that is happening around here. It's just going to scheduled classes and living my monotonous life day by day. Here's hoping that I can make friends with a language partner, too. I really do need more structured conversation.


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