Monday, 1 September 2008

Ashita Hajimaru

On Saturday, as planned, we went over to Nakamura. We had ramen for dinner and walked to the festival across the river. The fireworks were insane. I uploaded what I filmed to YouTube, but I ran out of room on my memory card and missed the last part, which was incredible.

Yesterday, Michael and I looked for a waterfall that he had mentioned to me. We drove into the hills near Towa, trying to find our way. We ended up at an interesting track, which we walked up for a while. It was good exercise and nice to be out in the bush. After we got back in the car, we backtracked a bit and went up another road. We eventually found the waterfall. Pictures to come.

We decided to continue driving up past the track that led down to the waterfall, stopping at the summit of the hill. We walked down another track, which presented us with a breathtaking sight of the surrounding hills.

Mission complete, we drove back to Taisho, which took about an hour. After dinner, we watched a movie at Michael's house. Weekend complete.

I spent part of today preparing my introduction (complete with pictures) for the schools I will be teaching at.

Tomorrow marks the start of my vocation as a JET. I will be teaching at the Tokawa shugakkou (middle school / junior high). I'm looking forward to finally getting into it, but am a little apprehensive about what to expect. ^^


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