Monday, 8 September 2008

Happy Happy Joy

On Friday evening, my laptop arrived. I had trouble setting the Internet up, so two people from the office came around to assist me: Hayashi-san and Sasaki-san. I had everything going by mid evening, and so was able to go online this past weekend. Suffice to say, I played a bit of WoW and downloaded a lot of movies and anime, lol.

On Saturday, Michael and I went into Kochi city. We looked at various things. Projectors are pretty expensive! I'm not sure if I will get one after all. I'd still like to get a PS3, if only to play Blu-ray discs (and Final Fantasy XIII when it comes out!).

Sunday, I just spent at home. When I have my own car I will be able to go into the city to attend church. Right now, things are usually inconvenient in that regard. When I am able to regularly attend church on Sundays it will be quite expensive, too.

This morning, I had two classes at Tokawa shougakkou (elementary school). It is next door to the junior high that I teach at on Tuesdays. Kids can think of so many questions. It makes for an interesting lesson! I got asked everything from what Japanese food I hate to what sort of fish I caught in New Zealand when I went fishing. I really enjoyed it, despite feeling quite tired.

The main reason I have felt tired today is that I went to bed late last night. I got off Wow pretty late and then watched a movie as well. :o

Tomorrow, it will be my first real lesson at Tokawa chuugakkou. Igei sensei and I will prepare the lessons first thing in the morning. I get up at 6am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to give me time in the morning before heading to the junior high schools for an 8am start. Classes start a little later than that, and I never have a first period English lesson to take, but the teachers at both schools still want me there for the morning meetings -- and to prepare for the day's classes.

I finish pretty soon. No more hanging around in the office for me (well, maybe once a week, for that necessary "face time"). I can go home and relax (ie. play games and watch movie and anime).


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