Wednesday, 3 September 2008

School's In Session

My first taste of teaching was yesterday. I had three classes at the Tokawa chugakkou (middle school), one for each year. The largest class had 15 students in it. Each lesson consisted mostly of my own introduction, followed by questions and student introductions. I look forward to all of the English that we will attempt to impart to these malleable minds.

This morning, Michael and I attended the local shougakkou (primary school) here in Taisho. Kids are definitely more fun than teenagers in the classroom. They are more responsive, even if they don't understand English and have trouble remembering what they have "learned" -- or trouble with English pronunciation.

That's about all that's going on. We have plans to go to Kochi city on Saturday and will probably look into starting to film our short movie next week for the Chobitto Film Festival. Also, I should be getting a personalised kanji hanko (stamp) made for me. The closest to my name in Japanese is "tei mu". There is a kanji pronounced "Tei" that means "Emperor" and one pronounced "mu" that means "dream". So Tei-mu, Emperor's Dream, will be my very own kanji stamp.

Back to Mob wars. ;)


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