Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Back From Okayama

I just got back from a three day holiday in Okayama prefecture.

I'm sorry about no update for a while. I've mostly just had school as usual. On Thursday last week, I once again only had the sannensei class and no others, at Shouwa chuugakkou (junior high school).

On Friday, I went to Ino city to have an interview for getting my Japanese driver license. I have an eye test coming up, probably some time this week. After that, I should get my license and will be able to put away my IDP (international driving permit).

On Friday night, Michael and I drove into Kochi city to stay at a hotel. We started out early on Saturday morning, driving north and crossing the land-bridge that connects Shikoku with Honshu, the main island of Japan. It's an impressive structure.

We made a few wrong turns but eventually made it to Okayama city, and then to Tsuyama city, where we met up with Philip, my predecessor. He took a new non-JET job up in that prefecture.

We went swimming in Tsuyama, at a public pool. There was a tube-type waterslide, which was pretty cool, and a couple of saunas. We met another 2008 JET, a friend of Phil's who is teaching at Tsuyama high schools. He is an American named Evan.

The four of us went to Aeon mall (smaller than the Kochi-shi one) and then went somewhere for dinner, where we sat around for a while talking.

After dropping Evan home, we went back to Phil's and I set my laptop up.

Sunday wasn't the most pleasant day, in terms of weather, but we still walked around a little in the morning. We had Italian for lunch and checked out a small breakdancing competition in the city.

Back at Phil's again, I played World of Warcraft and talked to some of my family on Skype -- complete with video -- which was nice because they happened to be around at my brother's house.

We had sushi for dinner at a kaitenzushi (pick and choose sushi on a conveyor). I played more World of Warcraft when we got back. Such a productive time in Japan!

Mikey and I left for Okayama city on Monday morning. We found our hotel, parked, and walked to a Japanese garden to check that out before lunch. We checked into the hotel before lunch and then went to a large shopping arcade. We had lunch and I bought a few things from various places.

We visited Okayama Castle, and Michael took some photos.

The rest of our evening, aside from dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant, was spent in the hotel. Technically, the restaurant was below the hotel, so we didn't actually leave the premises.

This morning, we got up early again, packed everything up, and travelled back down here to Taisho. It has been a long day and I am sure that Michael is as tired as I am, if not more so.

My first holiday in Japan is over and I am back in the office tomorrow. I haven't looked at my schedule for the week, but I'm hoping I have either tomorrow or Friday off, in terms of school visits. ;)


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