Friday, 12 September 2008

The Introductions Continue

Yesterday, there was another sports day practice at Shouwa chuugakkou (junior high school). I spent some of the morning outside watching (and holding one end of the finish line ribbon for sprints and relays), and the rest of the day until sixth period watching Naruto and Bleach on my laptop. :p

For sixth period, we discussed an excerpt from a NZ movie, The Whale Rider.

Today, I went to Tokawa shougakkou (elementary school) again. That's twice in the same week. For the 1-2 year students I went over aisatsu (greetings). We talked about responses to "How are you?" -- eg. Hot, Tired, Happy. It seems that a lot of them were happy, XD. We also discussed fruit, with pictures, and then I had them play Fruit Basket, where they all stand in a circle and run around once to get in the middle when their fruit is called.

For the 3-4 year students, I did my obligatory introduction, complete with shashin (photos). I began talking about and explaining the NZ school system, such as Summer holidays and a typical day, but because I don't speak Japanese, and the two teachers present didn't speak English it got quite awkward. So I broke out hangman and the students enjoyed themselves. :)

Surprisingly, they were able to get "throw" before hanging their man, but had been unable to get "cat" and "sit" before that. Go figure. :/

Going to Nakamura tomorrow for a couple of things. One is a free Japanese lesson, which should be interesting.

Yay for Friday. ;)


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