Monday, 4 August 2008

Explore Japan

I had a lot of time today to practise katakana. Now that I can read it, I need to find some resources to continue practising and improve my overall reading skills.

The day is not yet over, but I am kinda sick of practising Japanese characters and am starting to get sick of reading other stuff that I have. I finished booklet that I received at orientation, titled "Explore Japan". At the back, it links to a website that I thought people would find to be quite interesting:

Check out Web Japan. And for kids aged 10-14, there's also Kidsweb.

Oh well, just over an hour to go. I might go watch kendo again tonight, but just watching practice doesn't thrill me that much. If only there were a ninja school nearby :o


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Nick said...

just use gmail or webmessenger if you cant get msn working. does wow work or whatever?