Monday, 11 August 2008

Week Three: Starto!

Without a laptop, I am blind and deaf to the world when outside the office here. I'm just fortunate that I didn't go completely nuts over the weekend. I'm not sure I could survive another weekend without being plugged in. If I can't use a computer, there is nothing but television -- and Japanese tv isn't anything to get excited about.

On Friday night, I watched the opening ceremony of the XXIXth Olympiad - the 2008 Beijin Olympics. They went pretty hard out with fireworks and amazing displays of coordination, rhythm and Chinese-style music, dance and drawing. The ceremony started at 9pm. When the 204 countries started to come out, it took until 12.10am for New Zealand to appear. I watched till the end of the four hour ceremony, when the torch was lit after a runner went around the top of the entire stadium on a wire and ignited a fuse that brilliantly sparked the flame to life.

On Saturday, I walked around Taisho in the hot sun. I took a few photos both in town and out at the main road that runs past. Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my camera. I will have to work 0ut a way of getting the photos off my camera to somewhere. WTB laptop!

The rest of Saturday was tedious. I lazed around, watching the odd Olympic judo match on tv. I don't know how, but I got through the rest of the day. I watched a Japanese drama on tv, though I didn't understand any of the language, and more boring Olympics stuff.

Sunday was good. I went to a picnic with Maiko. There were a number of Filipino Roman Catholics that met up down at the river, and the priest from their parish, one Father Maher -- an old man from Chicago who has been in Japan for almost fifty years! We had a nice barbecue-style lunch and I went swimming in Shimanto-gawa.

Sunday night wasn't nearly as exciting. After a rather mundane evening of illegible tv and WoW-planning and designing, I guess I'd been thinking about the game too much, so I couldn't sleep. It was stiflingly hot, which really didn't help. I got up a few times to write a few guild- and WoW-related things. :o

I've been in Japan for two weeks. The hot weather should persist for another month at least. I get paid at the end of this week, but the question is whether I will have enough to but a decent laptop. I pray that I will have the means and opportunity to get one on Saturday!


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