Thursday, 21 August 2008

WTB Fish

Yesterday, my home phone was connected. I am unable to get Internet just yet, but will hopefully get through this afternoon to the ISP I will be going with, Purara (don't ask, I don't understand its name either), and will book a time when they can activate a connection. I will need a laptop to go on the net at home, anyway -- and as we all know, I still haven't got one.

I was also able to swap a few of my appliances for better ones: microwave, fridge, gas cooker (and a fish cooker thing), tv; and I finally got a vacuum cleaner. I also got a heated carpet which I've put away until Winter -- it will be incredibly welcome at that time.

I spent time after work cleaning out the fridge. After that, Michael had a birthday dinner at Yamagoya (Maiko's izakaya). He turned 25. The only other person there was a lady, Mika, whom I believe is a teacher at a school here in Taisho. She speaks English.

This morning, I will be going shopping in K-town. This afternoon I have been invited to go swimming in the river with a few people, but I will have to think about it, as I really don't feel like swimming.

Next week is the Ayu festival. Ayu is a type of fish that swims in the river here. I took a photo on the weekend of the little banners that have been set up around town -- but as I have been unable to upload any photos yet, I can't show them until such a time as I am able to.



Jorge said...

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Timotheos said...

I'm sorry Jorge, but I find translators to be rather ineffectual. The gist may be there, but in the native tongue that any script is translated to, it doesn't make much sense.

All the best for your blog on "the DICRIMINATION".