Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Search Continues

I continue to look for a suitable laptop. I believe that I have found the ideal one, but I still have to either find an appropriate retailer or somehow order online when I don't have my own credit card. :o

Mikey got back from his vacation in Fukuoka and brought me back omiyage (souvenir / gift) -- some tiger towels. I will put up a photo when I have my laptop and can sort through all of my Japan photos to date. XD

I went through a whole lot of questions with my supervisor yesterday, which clears up a few things and gives me more insight into what is happening or is supposed to be happening. This afternoon, a telephone company contractor is coming around to my place to activate the phone line. Unfortunately, I can't get a nintaweb connection until I have my laptop. :/

I'm meeting up with the ELT of the Showa chuugakkou (middle school) next Tuesday, and the ELT of the Tokawa one on Wednesday. And at some point next week I should be going into Kochi city to get re-entry permits, apply for my Japanese driver license and possibly get a laptop (if I haven't amazingly got one already by then).

It's Mikey's 25th birthday today, so a few of us will be going out for dinner to celebrate that. I'm thankful that tonight won't be as dreary as my last two evenings, where all I had to occupy me were Olympic events, nihongo no benkyousuru (Japanese study) and some Japanese drama. I look forward to having a laptop for those evenings that I don't have anywhere specific to be or anything interesting to do.

Did I mention that I wish I had a laptop?

NB. Do not come to Japan on the JET programme without one. I was a silly, lazy student who couldn't afford a laptop computer before I came, and now look at where I'm at. Not fun. Don't do it.



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