Friday, 8 August 2008

Friday, Friday

On Wednesday night, I fell asleep after getting home. I guess the heat eventually gets to you. I later went to Maiko's izakaya -- I'm not even sure that's how you spell her name, but she is the Filipina lady that I met through Phil and Mikey the other night. She always forms friendships with ALTs, so I guess I'll be seeing a lot more of her during my time here. It was a good thing I went over there, because it is really boring at my apartment. Michael joined me a bit later but it was good to just sit there and chat. We both ate there, quite late. I was pretty full afterwards. I was invited by Maiko to attend a Cathloic church get-together (barbecue and swim) on Sunday, which should be fun, so I'm looking forward to that.

When I got home, I read the first volume of the Love Hina manga. I watched some of the anime a long time ago, and it is still funny. I can relate to the main character in a sense -- aside from the failing to get into university part. :p

I spent Thursday online at the office. Michael and I went back out to Towa. I got to meet the few staff at the Board of Education there. We then went back to the chugakkou in Tokawa so I could meet the teachers properly, and we had a look around the school.

Back at the office, I posted to my old blog and created a new one -- mostly for fun and because there won't be much to do here until school starts. I've been playing around a bit with styles today on my new blog and hopefully will get some links and such up soon. It's a work in progress.

Thursday night was uneventful. I went home later than usual to cook some rice for tea. How thrilling. I also finished volume two of Love Hina -- poor Keitaro, he has never had a girlfriend. Wait, that's me too. :p Perhaps Japan provides my chance to change that. Manga characters are exaggerated, but there is often an essence of truth in their lives. Sif get punched for six by a girl though. Crazy psychos...

I did some Japanese study for a while and went to bed early. There really is nothing to do in my apartment while I have neither DVD player nor laptop computer.

I spent this morning adding to Wowbrief. Now that lunch has come and passed I have but to continue adding to my new blog and wait for the end of the day to roll around -- to lead into a pretty boring weekend. What am I supposed to do tomorrow? I don't have anything but Japanese textbooks. Oh well, bring on Sunday. :)



K_tigress said...

Welcome to the lonely hearts club.
I know how it feels since I never had a boyfriend so far. Sigh.....
Of course some of the boys I was friends with get the wrong impressions. I know when I'm compatible, but these weren't. They thought I was hitting on them, but I was only interested in there friendship and not forcing something on them. Oh well.

Well if I can't get one on earth maybe I'll get one from from another planet. LOL :D :(

Timotheos said...

LOL Tina. You know, I hear that there are plenty of single Wraith in hte Pegasus galaxy. They're just as likely to suck out your life force as take any interest in you, though. :p

WTB laptop...